Production Document Management

with Next-Gen DNC


Fusion is an intuitive and easy-to-use software application that gives you control over all your Production and DNC Data. It can be used as a stand-alone package or linked with your existing DNC Software using our exclusive DNC Wrapper Technology™. Either way, you get a modern, naturally organized database-driven application that saves you time and money by:


• Organizing all your documents and NC Programs by Part, Operation and Machine.

• Providing effective document change communications between all members of your team, thus, minimizing the likelihood of costly revision mistakes.

• Enhancing accountability with revision notes and audit trails.

• Automating file management tasks with single-click commands.

Parts and Operations Navigator


Providing powerful management of all production documents, the Parts and Operations Navigator allows you to organize all documents by Part, Operation, Machine Group and Customer with the ability to add historical notes, archive/edit files and lock documents for effective communications and revision control.

Control Program Navigator


NC Program assets are managed with a sophisticated Control Program Navigator where users can view details such as program code previews, machines being used, associated customers and revision information. These programs can quickly be sent right from Fusion to any machine in the shop.

Incoming File Manager


NC Programs received from CNCs are automatically isolated and easily managed on a one page Incoming File Manager. Reference ID™ technology automatically finds the original DNC file, then provides one-click buttons to launch a file compare, associate revision information and/or archive and update existing files.


DNC Reports


Generate reports on DNC activity for internal audit trails, or to send to customers for verification that a part was cut with the correct program revision.

User Notifications


Assign one or more Fusion users to each CNC to automatically receive Email notifications whenever a file is sent to or received from that machine.

Next-Gen DNC: Today's Technology Plus Support for Yesterday's Systems


• Server based, unlimited Clients

• NC Program Database with Revision Level and Historical Notes

• Incoming File Manager with File Matching and Quick Compare Launch

• DNC Activity Audit Trails and Reports

• Email Notifications

• Full Production Document Organization by Part, Operation and Customer

• Sub-Program Organization

• Pointers to Setup Sheets, Tool Lists, Videos and Web Links



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