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Predator DNC

Predator DNC software is designed to network all of your CNC machines, robots, PLCs, test stands and part markers. Predator DNC manages your CNC programs, CNC variables, offsets and parameters. It supports a wide range of CNC communications for dripfeeding, downloading, and uploading via parallel, RS-232, RS-422 Ethernet and wireless Ethernet.



Nexas America is the northeast authorized reseller of Predator Software products offering full sales, service, training and support.



• 1 Network for all your CNC machines, robots, PLCs and part markers

• Send, Receive and Dripfeed DNC programs

• Supports Wireless, Ethernet, RS-232 and Parallel I/O

• Improve CNC program and CNC variable management

• Improve CNC offset and CNC parameter management

• Eliminate walking back and forth from your CNC

• Supports RFID chips, Bar Codes or QR codes for Remote Requests™

• Add Predator PDM for secure revision control

• Upgrade to Predator MDC or Predator RCM







Download a free trial of Predator DNC here.

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Please contact us for information on our other Predator Software products. We offer the entire range of Shop Floor Control applications from one of the industry's most reputable developers.



• Network your CNCs, PLCs & Robots

• Control your documents & CNC programs

• Real-time machine monitoring & OEE

• Automate your production with robotics

• Revise your CNC programs

• Verify your CNC machines

• Organize your tools, gages and fixtures

• Manage your work instructions


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