Powerful Add-on tools for your

                       MDC™ System

pWidgets Master View gives you the best of both worlds.  The proven and time-tested power of Predator MDC plus a brand-new level of metrics and analytics that you can configure and run on an unlimited number of PCs in your shop.

*Works with Predator MDC versions 10 and 11

*Predator MDC™, Touch HMI™ and the Predator “gear with bear paw” logo are trademarks of Predator Software, Inc.


Launch your Predator Touch HMI™ only as needed


No need to fill your operator’s computer display with a large grid of buttons. Put a small pWidgets™ Master View on each operator’s PC.  Press the “Open HMI” button to launch the Touch HMI for a specific machine only when needed.


Once an HMI entry is made, pWidgets real-time status feedback can alert an operator to a mistake. Thus, most HMI entry mistakes can be seen and

corrected almost immediately.

The View that you want, the Data that you need.


Choose rows, columns, column-order, colors and more

Configure what you want to see and how you want to see it.  View a single machine or multiple machines.  All with a few clicks.


Target Part Count vs Actual Part Count

Master View reads the “Standard Times” for each machine and part combination in the Predator MDC database. Using that information, it calculates Target Part Count, compares that with Actual Part Count and displays the information both numerically and with a color-coded performance graphic.


Shifts with Breaks

The Master View's “Shifts with Breaks” lets you exclude lunch and other break times from Target Part Counts or other metrics.

Unlimited Client Installations


The pWidgets Master View license is site-based. Deploy it on an unlimited number of computers throughout your shop.  Pricing is based on the total number of CNC machines you select to view.

Factory Specific Solutions


Does your company have a unique need? The system experts at Nexas America can work with you to maximize the utility of your Predator MDC system by creating new pWidgets™ metrics or presentation formats. Our development team is adept and agile; and our prices are affordable. We can work with you on other software projects too.

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