Machine Monitoring for the 21st Century

DataXchange is a Cloud and On-Premise manufacturing machine monitoring system. It increases overall equipment effectiveness and shop floor productivity through the use of innovative IIoT technology. DataXchange is compatible with a wide variety of manufacturing machines including CNC’s, PLC’s, welders, and manual machines. Managers and operators can create custom shop floor data entry rules to automatically collect shop floor data from a wired or wireless connection on MTConnect & Fanuc FOCAS based machines as well as older manual machines. As the machine data is collected, DataXchange has all the OEE reports, charts, dashboards and notifications you need to analyze the information in a meaningful way. The features and benefits of DataXchange make it a machine monitoring system that meets the manufacturing data collection needs of small facilities as well as large multi-site enterprise level operations.


• Track multiple types of cycle time

• No licensing keys

• Multi-plant support

• Multiple languages

• Cloud based or On-Premise options

• Flexible licensing

• Configurable rules to determine cycle status

• No servers to purchase or maintain

• Low upfront costs

• Data transmitted securely w/ SSL encryption

• Low monthly fees

• No need to pay for a separate pilot program

• No long term commitment

• Ethernet based Fanuc Focas and MTConnect


Real-Time Configurable Dashboard


A user configurable dashboard can display a variety of information, all updating in real time. The views are configurable on a user or user group basis allowing the dashboard to not only be used for visual manufacturing on the shop floor, but also as a tool for management and the maintenance and quality departments. Single or multiple views can be displayed with an unlimited amount of screens defined. Screens can be configured to rotate, filtered by certain equipment, or by certain statuses making the Real-Time Viewer a powerful visual management tool.

Track Multiple Types of Cycle Time


DataXchange has the ability to track multiple types of cycle time. For example, it can be tracked from a hardware adapter and through MTConnect or Fanuc Focas. Reporting on metrics such as utilization and efficiency can then be run on both sets of data and the two can be compared. Another example is to collect spindle time along with load to unload time.

Equipment Status Charts


Charts can be configured to show General or Specific statuses displaying summary information or a very detailed breakdown. Multiple types of cycle time can be recorded simultaneously and then any of the cycle times can be used to calculate utilization.

View Data From Anywhere


Storing the data securely in the Cloud along with unlimited reporting licenses allows data to be viewed from anywhere at anytime.


Apple iPad and iPhone along with Android phone and tablet apps are available for real time and historical charting.

Predator MDC

Other Solutions


Nexas also offers other Machine Monitoring software packages from cutting edge developers such as Predator Software. Speak with one of our specialists today to determine which solution is best for your shop.

Powerful Add-on tools for your                             Predator MDC™ System

pWidgets Master View gives you the best of both worlds.  The proven and time-tested power of Predator MDC plus a brand-new level of metrics and analytics that you can configure and run on an unlimited number of PCs in your shop.

Click here to learn more about pWidgets Master View.

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