Part of the Fusion PDO package, FlashDNC is a quick and easy way to move files to and from your media-capable enabled CNCs. No expensive RS232 cables, Ethernet to Serial Adapters, Wireless Hardware or costly installation.




• NC Program Database with Revision Field and Historical Notes

• Record locking for Revision Control

• Program Grouping by Machine

• Incoming File Manager with Automated File Matching and Quick Compare Launch

• DNC Activity Audit Trails and Reports



The power of DNC.

The convenience of a Memory Card or USB.

How FlashDNC Works

(Click on graphic to download)

Plug the Flash Media into any PC running Fusion Client Software

Select the file(s) you want to send

to the CNC using Fusion's NC Program Navigator

Plug the Flash Media into your CNC

to move files to and from your Control

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