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Many newer “Ethernet” CNC Machines use only mapped drives for file transfers and cannot be connected directly to existing DNC Systems.  This means those CNCs cannot take advantage of the security, program management, revision control, audit trails, etc. provided by a company’s DNC system.  Moreover, many IT managers are reluctant to grant mapped drive access rights to shop floor devices.  This forces machine operators to walk back and forth to the programming department in order to load programs with USB drives.


Nexas America, LLC has solved these problems with its patent-pending Mapped-Drive DNC Link™ technology.  This technology, embedded in Nexas America’s ORiON™ CNC Productivity Hub, provides a localized mini file server at each CNC that can be accessed by the CNC as a mapped-drive.  ORiON monitors the localized mapped-drive for new files from the CNC and sends those files to the DNC system using traditional serial (RS232), FTP or TCP/IP socket streams.  When the DNC system sends a data stream to ORiON, ORiON updates the mapped-drive with the new file or files. This interaction between the mapped-drive and the DNC data streams preserves the functionality of the DNC system including remote requests, file security, audit trails and more.  This process isolates the CNCs from corporate file server resources by channeling all file transfers through the DNC system.


ORiON’s Mapped-Drive DNC Link™ technology works with any DNC system

that supports serial (RS232), TCP/IP sockets or FTP connections.


For more information on ORiON's Mapped-Drive DNC Link technology™ please visit our downloads page or contact us.


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