DNC Communication

Modernize your DNC System. Make it Mobile!


Fusion MobileDNC is the first universal Mobile DNC Application! It works with your existing DNC System and allows you to select, preview and send NC Programs to your CNC machines using your Android or iOS device.




• Easily integrates into your existing system

• Send NC Programs from anywhere in your shop

• See program previews before sending

• Compatible with both iOS and Android devices

• Works with nearly any DNC System



How MobileDNC Works

Select a File

Select a Machine

Receive through your Existing DNC

Download for Free

The best thing about Fusion MobileDNC? It's Free!


Download the Android App on the Google Play store today, with the iOS App coming soon. Fusion MobileDNC is set up using the MobileDNC Manager App for Windows. This can be downloaded by clicking here.


Nexas is offering 1 hour of free support to help you get started, so please contact us here.

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