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Put your software challenges in the rear view mirror. Whether you need to upgrade an outdated system, or have a new project in mind, our Software Task Force™ can help make it happen.  We can bring your project from concept to completion; or assist with any steps in-between. Your project will be handled by the same professional software development experts and on-site integrators that support our industry-leading commercial products.

Our Core Competencies

The Software Task Force™ can provide solutions in Windows, and on iOS and Android devices.  Our developers are familiar with Client/Server applications, database integration, embedded systems, and more.  We have expert experience in C#, Native C, C++, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Java, PHP, Ruby On Rails, Python, SQL Server, VB6.0, and VB Scripting.

About the Software Task Force

Nexas America, LLC has been developing and implementing a variety of software solutions for the Metalworking Manufacturing Industry since 2011.  And, senior members of our team have been developing similar products since 1988.  On occasion, we have been asked by clients for help with software issues, and we have delivered.  This spawned the idea for the Software Task Force™ -- a pool of skilled and tested talent ready to help solve problems on an as-needed basis. The Software Task Force™ fills the void between adding expensive contract staff, and remote outsourcing with its tedious document requirements, communications challenges and uncertainty.


We Talk to Machines (and they answer back)

Like other software development companies, we can work effectively with general business or finance applications.  But, we also have experience with PLCs, Data I/O Boards, Camera Inspection Systems, RS232 signals and more.  We can capture machine states, high speed position data, signal information and more. We can then process that information for storage to a database, or for normalization and transmission to a third-party application.


We can help with a single piece or build an entire project.

Some of the Projects We Can Help With

• Full Application Development from detailed specifications to programming, implementation, otraining and documentation

• Legacy System Conversion (ex. Rewrite from VB 6.0 to C#)

• Database Conversion / Migration

• Ad-Hoc Programmer / Analyst Support

• Hourly contract coding to your existing specifications

We Focus on Agility and Support

We are not just coders.  We are “hands on” partners and will work remotely, and on site, with the project stake holders to ensure that the solution meets goals and satisfies

end-user needs.  To assure the best possible outcome, we apply agile software development methodologies like SCRUM to break projects into small tasks, sprint to goals, solicit feedback, and continue the process to completion.


Full SDLC Support

Two Delivery Models, Same Great Service

The Software Task Force™ provides systems analysis, computer programming and systems integration services aimed at two markets: Ad-hoc projects and continuous contracted support.

Ad-Hoc Projects

The Ad-Hoc model is for companies that need occasional additional systems development support or have a temporary need for a skill set that they do not have in house.

Hybrid Systems Staffing

Looking to hire new staff? We offer an alternative to direct hiring of systems programmers called Hybrid Systems Staffing. Basically, you get an on-site software analyst that works directly with you, as needed, and that analyst is supported by our team of software developers. In many ways, this is analogous to hiring a third-party IT service.


The analyst works directly with key personnel in your company to understand and analyze your software needs.  If those needs require computer programming, then those needs are translated into programming initiatives that are then completed by our dedicated team of developers.


You set the hours you want the analyst on site, and any proposed programming initiative is quoted based on the project’s scope and complexity.


Hybrid Systems Staffing can provide significant savings and benefits over hiring a full-time individual.  First, the service is scalable.  Thus, you only pay for the support you need.  Second, you have access to a much greater talent pool than with one individual.  And, third, for priority projects, you have direct access to multiple concurrent developers.


How the Model works

You enter into an annual retainer agreement that specifies a base-level of analyst support.  Fees are paid monthly.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you may cancel the plan at any time. The analyst works on site with your stake holders to analyze software needs and propose solutions.


If your company decides to pursue a programming project, you will be quoted for a fully delivered turn-key solution. To assure competitive pricing, you can take the project specifications we develop and solicit quotes from other developers as well.


Example Plan

• Software Analyst on-site 1 day per week.

• Additional days available as needed.

• Access to our remote software tech support. This is for any software in your company.  We obviously do not know all software packages, but sometimes it is helpful just to have an experienced software person provide a helping hand.

• Priority software development by our team.

• Prices start at $1,200 per month.


First Visit Free

We will be happy to meet with key members of your team at your facility for up to an hour at no charge.  We just ask that prior to the visit, you fill out a form outlining your current software products, key members of your management and programming (if any) team and your general goals and objectives.  Of course, all interaction and communications with your organization will be strictly confidential.  Before meeting, we can provide our non-disclosure agreement or sign yours. To schedule your free visit, click here..

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