A small sample of the projects we can help you with

When you have a software or device integration project that exceeds your internal capability or staffing capacity, Nexas

America LLC can help you get that project done!


Members of the Nexas America team have been developing and integrating a wide variety of commercial and custom applications since 1988.  Our capabilities range from DOS to IoT and most everything in between.




• Full Application Development from detailed specifications to programming, implementation, training and documentation

• Legacy System Conversion (ex. Rewrite from VB 6.0 to C#)

• Database Conversion / Migration

• Ad-Hoc Programmer / Analyst Support

• Hourly contract coding to your existing specifications


Our Core Competencies


We specialize in Windows desktop and client-server applications with database and device integration.

Our range of experience with device connectivity includes RS232 (serial) devices, PLCs, data acquisition boards, Ethernet I/O devices, inspection cameras, barcode readers and tool presetters.


We have created embedded solutions using Windows CE, have programmed chip-based devices and are currently creating new embedded solutions using Windows 10 IoT.


Data Acquisition


Serial I/O


SQL Server


Contact Us

       Massachusetts: 413.566.0100

       Pennsylvania: 267.603.5582

       484 Main Street, Suite C
       Hampden, MA 01036


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