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A small sample of the projects we can help you with

When you have a software or device integration project that exceeds your internal capability or staffing capacity, Nexas America can help you get that project done! Members of the Nexas Software Task Force have been developing and integrating a wide variety of commercial and custom applications since 1988.  Our capabilities range from DOS to IoT and most everything in between.



• Full Application Development from detailed specifications to programming, implementation, training and documentation

• Legacy System Conversion (ex. Rewrite from VB 6.0 to C#)

• Database Conversion / Migration

• Ad-Hoc Programmer / Analyst Support

• Hourly contract coding to your existing specifications


Our Core Competencies

The Nexas Software Task Force can provide solutions in Windows, and on iOS and Android devices.  Our developers are familiar with Client/Server applications, database integration, embedded systems, and more.  We have expert experience in C#, ASP.Net, Java, C++, VB.Net, SQL Server, VB6.0, and VB Scripting.




We are not just coders.  We are “hands on” partners and will work remotely, and on site, with the project stake holders to ensure that the solution meets goals and satisfy end-user needs.  To assure the best possible outcome, we apply agile software development methodologies like SCRUM to break projects into small tasks, sprint to goals, solicit feedback, and continue the process to completion.


Sample past projects

Custom dashboard for a Machine Monitoring System:

• Retrieve machine data from a 3rd party SQL Server database

• User front-end to add in scheduling information

• Merged data to provide custom Real Time Display

• Server-based with multiple clients



Upgrade of a custom extrusion machine:

(The person that developed the original application 10 years ago was retired and there was no in-house experience to maintain the system.)

• I/O integration (OPTO22 AC5) with migration of software and drivers to a new computer and upgrade of the AC5 form PCI to    PCIe.

• Re-built the software with updated external references

• Migrated software from VB 2005 to VB 2017


Custom VB Script:

• Used to integrate a Machine Monitoring system with Part and Production information from an ERP system.

We Focus on Agility and Support

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       Pennsylvania: 267.603.5582

       Hampden, MA 01036


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